August 12, 2021
SEO / CRM / Web design

01. The Challenge & Solution

Our clients have decided that their outdated website and their methods of managing customers have been too outdated and they decided that it is the time for a change. They have been struggling with poor web traffic and not getting enough customers resulting from their online presence. We have worked on that by implementing different SEO strategies, bespoke CRM system and improving the Web design.

02. Working Process

After an examination of the market, our expert team has determined the best way to improve the SEO by including relevant keywords and phrases that people search for. We have also implemented an advance CRM system using e.g. contact forms. We have also carefully designed a professionally looking website just like you`d expect from an accounting firm.

03. Perfect Result

The end result has been an astonishingly looking website that is very easy to find when searching for accounting firms on google due to our innovative SEO strategies.