Bespoke crm

We can make you a CRM system


Recieve and make payments automatically with aa generated file that keeps track of your transactions automatically


Assign your employees different tasks with attachments, comments etc.


Ticket support system with automated responses, privet ticket staff notes and ticket priority.


Automatically generate reports of income, stock, transactions made and much more

about us

What is CRM?

CRM stands for client relations managment but it can do so much more than that. It allows you to automatically perform certain tasks such as contacting your clients, managing your expenses and much more!

HR Payroll

Pay your employees quickly and correctly with ease with an automated payroll system

Automated Marketing Tool

Manage leads in marketing automation, create landing pages to collect more information, use drip marketing to nurture them and give them valuable information

Accounting and Bookkeeping

It helps to eliminate manual data entry and human error, making things much easier to keep track of everything

Live Chat

Integrate your live chat system into your customer area usign almost any chat service

Recruitment Management

From posting your jobs to keeping applicants connected and engaged throughout, Recruitment Module lets you manage your entire recruiting process


Forget about bookkeeping fees. Our module will take care of every necessary part of it, for you, in auto-pilot! Just create a new QuickBooks account and sync the data right away.

CRM/ERP for schools and nurseries

Student/Parent login

Allow students/parents to see grades, assigments and timetables

Teachers login

Allow teachers to assign homework, get attendence and track absence

Libarian login

Lend, order and keep track of books that have been borrowed

Manage classes

Assign students and teachers to a cerain class and automatically create a timetable


Keep track of unpaid student fees, automated payroll for the staff members, automated bookkeeping

Automated Messages

Notify parents about student`s detentions, absences or school news automatically

Online Payment

Allow parents to pay student fees online via card or paypal