August 15, 2021
Creating online presence
Plumb Distribution

01. The Challenge & Solution

We were approached by Plumb Distribution in order to shape their online presence; prior to contacting us they did not have a website and did not exists on the world wide web. Our goal was to design a professional looking website and to boost their sales by implementing online ordering and payment system and implementing SEO strategies in order to make them known to the world. This was no easy task as we had to work from scratch but as always we have managed to achieve great results.

02. Working Process

As with all our project we have started off with analysing the market in order to find the optimal way to promote their business. As soon as we figured out the most efficient SEO and advertising strategy we have started designing the website striving to achieve the best looking, most user friendly page. After a multiple drafts us and the client have finally agreed on the final product. This has been done in order to not only achieve what works the best, but also to satisfy the client`s criteria.

03. Perfect Result

Our hard work has paid off increadibly well for our customer. They finally had online presence which boosted the sales by 550% which allowed them to expand their business and their range of products greatly. Both us and the client have been very satisfied with the overall result of our Web Desing, SEO and Advertisment.