August 12, 2020
Web design/SEO
Clarendon Laundry

01. The Challenge & Solution

The client has approched us with a task to improve his website. He has been struggling with the lack of online traffic. After an examination of his website we have found multiple issues such as poor wording, low readibility and overall a user unfriendly website. We have significantly improved the SEO by increasing the amount of key words and phrases on the website itself and our expert team has made the website very clear and eyecatching fitting the theme of the company which is laundry.

“Your website deserves the best; After all it is the online advertisment billboard of your company”

02. Working Process

Our team has analyzed the most searched terms by people looking for laundry serivces. Based on our research we have included a lot of those key words and phrases on the client`s website. We have also spent a lot of time designing a clear and good-looking website and worked hard to turn our ideas into a real web page. We have also used Google Ads targeted towards people living in Leicester to increase the probability that they will come across Clarendon Laundry.

03. Perfect Result

Implementing SEO strategies and improving the Web design have made a 300% increase in our client`s online customers as the page now has 3 positions on the first page of Google. Our team and the client are highly satisfied with those outstanding results which have brought in a lot of revenue for our customer which clearly shows how effective SEO is.