Rosies childrens wear is a store that opened in 2020 and did not have a website up untill now. They specialise in selling clothing for kids and babies selling a variety of attire such as rompers, kids occasion wear and much more. They have realised that they should go online in order to increase their sales. Soon after they have reached out to us, in order to create them a website.

The Challenge

We were asked to make a website for a new business with no previous online presence, needless to say; It was not and easy task to complete, however we managed as always. It was necessary for us to focus on SEO by adding key words and phrases, utilizing good wording and effective online advertisment in order to maximise online traffic. 

Working progress

We have created an eye-catching design in order to make an attractive website for potential customers to ensure that people that will visit the website will browse it. We have also focused on including as many keywords and phrases as possible without making the content hard and bad to read. We have also ensured on clarity and readibility in order to make something that people would enjoy spending time on.

The Results

In summary we did a great job. Our ads have been seen by over 180,000 people and has been found on over 2000 searches as can be seen in the pictures below. We have succesfully increased the profits by over 250% percent with our innovative advertising .