Dear Investor’s

This is an exciting project we need to get this booking app out there . We will do the heavy lifting while you invest and watch the returns come in . 

Business Proposal: Revenue Generation for Travel Website through Commission-Based Model

Executive Summary:

We are excited to present a business proposal for a revenue-generation model for our travel website, which is focused on offering a diverse range of services including hotel bookings, flight reservations, car rentals, and tour packages. Our primary source of revenue will be derived from a commission-based structure, where we earn an average of 5% per booking made through our platform. Additionally, we will strategically market the website to attract a steady flow of visitors, aiming to bring in an average of 2000 visitors per month. This proposal outlines the details of our commission-based revenue model, marketing strategy, and projected financial outcomes.

Commission-Based Revenue Model:

Our revenue model is built on a commission-based system, where we earn a 5% commission on each successful booking made through our platform. This commission is applied to all four primary services we offer: hotel bookings, flight reservations, car rentals, and tour packages. The key advantage of this model is that it ensures a consistent revenue stream for every transaction completed on our website. It also aligns our interests with those of our customers, as we only generate revenue when we successfully fulfill their travel needs.

The startup cost of this investment is £20000 and there will be another £25000 to be paid in monthly payments £4000 a month for the next few months after launch . 

If you like the idea and are happy with the budget lets discuss the details .

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